ZKR Gaudeamus partners with Rychlik Zoska – Bratislava

ZKR Gaudeamus is a social rehabilitation facility offering specialized care for physically and mentally disabled persons as well as consulting services for the general public.

As our new partner Gaudeamus has agreed to provide its campus premises for the organization of Rychlik Zoska – Bratislava. On top of that, it will provide additional unique services to the participants (included in the enrollment fee):

  • cabins, showers and toilets
  • relaxing massages
  • catering
  • hand-made custom finisher medals and prizes
  • personal decoration of participants and winners

Additionally, Rychlik will provide participants with means to help and support Gaudeamus by donating in exchange for small souvenirs and/or participation in voluntary activities. We are really thankful for the opportunity that both healthy and disabled people can join forces as one community to support our event.

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Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava hľadá dobrovoľníkov!

Aktuálne stále hľadáme dobrovoľníkov na výpomoc na štarte a v cieli, ako aj na občerstvovacie stanice na Pezinskej babe, vo Svätom Juri a v Marianke. Ďalej tiež hľadáme 2-3 zdravotníkov na občerstvovacie stanice, fotografa/kameramana, dobrovoľníka do komunikačného centra v cieli, moderátora/komentátora do cieľa a dobrovoľníkov na zadný voj.

Pripojte sa k tímu nadšených a obetavých ľudí (bežcov/turistov a ich priateľov) a staňte sa aj vy hrdými orgami. Pomôžete spraviť toto podujatie nezabudnuteľným a darujete si tým výnimočný zážitok!

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Cheaper enrollment fee only until August 15!

You have last two days to register in order to save on enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is 20 euros for individuals and 36 euros for relay teams. It will increase to 25 euros for individuals and 44 euros per relay team after August 15. Currently there are 207 seats reserved in the starting list out of 280 available so be sure to get registered soon.

Rychlik Zoska – Bratislava

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Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava has become UTMB 2017 qualifying race

Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava 2016 has obtained the status of the qualifying race for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2017. ITRA (International Trail Running Association) has established the following parameters of the course:

D 51 km / D+ 1620 m / D- 1870 m

Certification: Yes, ITRA commits on the values below
Method of calculation : We keep the original altitude and apply a Threshold of 3 m for the elevation corresponding to the use of a GPS devise with altimetric barometer.

Evaluation Criteria:
Endurance points: 3 points (new scale) – 1 point (old scale)
Mountain level: 3
Finisher level: 300

Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava 2016 has already been enlisted in the UTMB 2017 list of qualifying races: here

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