Your chance to win a weekend trip to the High Tatras with Abertal reality!

Our new partner Abertal reality, a real estate broker from Bratislava, is offering a unique chance to spend a weekend in an appartment in the high Tatras for free. All you need to do to get involved is to get registered and pay the enrollment fee. Winners of the draw will be announced after the closing of the registration. The coupon will be provided to the winner on the day of the race during the decoration ceremony. We would like to thank Abertal reality and its owner Pavol Polacek for providing us with this unique price for the lottery.

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Get your race kits early!

Dear participants,

we strongly encourage you to get your race kits as early as possible as to avoid any delays or problems at the start. You can pick them up on Friday 2, 2016 between 4:30 pm and 9:00 pm at the premises of ZKR Gaudeamus on Mokrohajska street 3 (where the finish is located). Alternatively, we will be distributing them from 7:00 am on the day of the race at the parking place across the road from Hotel Zochova chata (near the start).


Rychlik Zoska – Bratislava

ZKR Gaudeamus partners with Rychlik Zoska – Bratislava

ZKR Gaudeamus is a social rehabilitation facility offering specialized care for physically and mentally disabled persons as well as consulting services for the general public.

As our new partner Gaudeamus has agreed to provide its campus premises for the organization of Rychlik Zoska – Bratislava. On top of that, it will provide additional unique services to the participants (included in the enrollment fee):

  • cabins, showers and toilets
  • relaxing massages
  • catering
  • hand-made custom finisher medals and prizes
  • personal decoration of participants and winners

Additionally, Rychlik will provide participants with means to help and support Gaudeamus by donating in exchange for small souvenirs and/or participation in voluntary activities. We are really thankful for the opportunity that both healthy and disabled people can join forces as one community to support our event.

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Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava hľadá dobrovoľníkov!

Aktuálne stále hľadáme dobrovoľníkov na výpomoc na štarte a v cieli, ako aj na občerstvovacie stanice na Pezinskej babe, vo Svätom Juri a v Marianke. Ďalej tiež hľadáme 2-3 zdravotníkov na občerstvovacie stanice, fotografa/kameramana, dobrovoľníka do komunikačného centra v cieli, moderátora/komentátora do cieľa a dobrovoľníkov na zadný voj.

Pripojte sa k tímu nadšených a obetavých ľudí (bežcov/turistov a ich priateľov) a staňte sa aj vy hrdými orgami. Pomôžete spraviť toto podujatie nezabudnuteľným a darujete si tým výnimočný zážitok!

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