Race info / Rules and conditions

1. Conditions for enrollment

Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava is a trail ultramarathon and a long distance hiking race open to general public.
A person or team can sign up for the event by filling in the enrollment form in the registration section of this webpage. The registration becomes valid once the payment has been received and confirmed by the organizers.
The participation in the event is fully at the risk of enrolled individuals. It is important to notice that Rýchlik Zoška – Bratislava is a difficult trail race which requires a very good physical condition and proper training. The organizers take no responsibility for any potential harm or damage caused to participants during the event.
Further information on the race and conditions can be obtained by contacting us as at rychlikzoska@gmail.com.

2. Race categories

Single runners – ultramarathon
Relay teams

3. The schedule of the event

The event is held on Saturday, September 5, 2020. Every participant is obliged to show up in person and to register itself at the location of the starting line (parking place across the street of the Hotel Zochova chata) before the race. Runners will receive written instructions and the race bib. There will a mutual gun start for all participants at 9:00 am.

First check point (K1) is a live check point located at the top of the Skalnata hill. The next check point (K2) is a live check point located at the Chata pod Korennym vrchom chalet near Pezinska baba parking place. It offers some variety of drink and small snack or fruit. The check point closes at 11:30 pm. Third check point (K3) is located at the top of Somar hill (live check point). Fourth check point (K4) is situated in the village Svaty Jur in the part called Nestich. It is some 27 km from the start, therefore roughly on the halfway. The live check point is hosted by the local pub U malokarpatskeho pytliaka and offers a wide range of drinks and food. This check point operates until 2 pm. Fifth check point (K5) is some 15 km away in the centre of the village Marianka. It is hosted by the local pub Koliba u Johana and again offers a wide range of refreshment. It takes another approximately 5 km to get the sixth check point (K6) which is a live check point at the crossroads Klanec. Seventh check point (live) is located near the Cerveny most (a railway bridge) at the crossroads where the course leaves the red marked path. It takes another kilometer over a small hill to get to the finish line located in the premises of GAUDEAMUS community rehabilitation centre, Mokrohajska street 3. This last section will be marked by the red-white plastic strips only.

When quitting the race prematurely it is required that the participant notifies the race staff either in person or using the mobile number provided during the registration process.

Finishers arriving to the finish before 7:30 pm (including penalties) will receive a unique finisher’s badge. The remaining racers are allowed to finish but will not receive the badge and will be listed as DNF (did not finish). There will a variety of food and drink served at the finish line for all the participants and volunteers. The interim and final results will be published at this website as well as at our Facebook fan page.

The organisers reserve the right to ammend the schedule or the route of the event or to cancel the event completely (particularly for safety reasons or forces beyound control).

4. Rules for relay teams

The relay teams can consist of two to four runners. The relay stick is to be handed over exclusively at the check points K2, K4 and K5, which means there are four sections for a maximum of four runners. The runner that runs the first section is allowed to continue to run the full course if registered and paid the enrollment fee accordingly.

The parameters  of the sections are as follows
Section 1: Zochova chata, parking place – Čermák – Skalnatá – Sedlo pod Javorinou – Pezinská Baba (K2) 10 km /+500 m
Section 2: Pezinská Baba (K2) – Tri Kamenné kopce – Kozí chrbát – Salaš – Neštich, U malokarpatského pytliaka pub (K4) 17 km /+350 m
Section 3: Neštich (K4) – Biely kríž – Pod Bielym krížom – Bystrické – Svätý vrch – Klčovanice – Marianka, U Johana pub (K5) 13 km /+410 m
Section 4: Marianka, U Johana pub (K5) – Marianka (cintorín) – Sekyl – Za Kačínom – Kačín – Klanec (K6) – Červený most (K7) – GAUDEAMUS community rehalibitation centre, Mokrohájska cesta street 3 (finish) 10 km /+250 m

5. Mandatory equipment

The mandatory equipment may be checked ba the staff during the race. A failure to show the mandatory equipment as requested will result in a penalty of 180 minutes, which will add to the total running time.

The mandatory equipment list:

Race bib
Relay stick (for the relay teams)
Charged and working mobile phone
A glass or similar fluid container able to contain at least 0,2 liters of fluid

6. Safety and medical assistance

It is upon each participant to assess its own physical and other capacities for entering the race. We strongly recommend to check with the doctor whether there are any health risks associated with the participation. The participants are requested to consider the fact that this event requires proper training and could possibly result in considerable pain and/or other physical problems which are in no case attributable to the event itself or to the organizers. The organizers provide basic medical assistance at the live check points. In case of more serious problems participants are requested to dial 112 for general emergency service.

7. Refreshment

Check points K2, K4 and K5 will serve a variety of food and drinks such as sweets, fruit, salty snacks, water, lemonade, cola, etc. There will a thick soup served at the finish line as well.

8. Transport

The participants can use a shuttle bus (requires prior seat reservation) from the finish line to the start. The bus will be waiting for the participants at the OMV petrol station near TESCO Lamač parking place. The relay teams are requested to use their own means of transport. The relevant check points are accessible by car but it is recommended to reserve enough time for the access due to sometimes complicated traffic. It is important to stress that the relay teams pay attention to the public safety and traffic rules.

9. Preservation of nature

By signing up for the event every participant acknowledges that the event takes place in the preserved natural park Malé Karpaty and therefore it has to obey the rules of the park and the relevant Law on nature preservation. The participants are forbidden to leave the marked paths, to litter, to make fires or to damage the nature or any installations. Litter can be disposed of at the live checkpoints.

10. Contact

In case of any further questions or comments feel free to contact us at info@rychlikzoskabratislava.sk.